hy give an award? It is a pleasure and honor for me to judge and bestow a MOON AWARD upon websites that are impressive and beautiful, with interesting or exceptional themes. I know how many hours, days, even months you need to »construct« a website, and that the work will never end.

Your website does not have to be perfect to qualify for a MOON AWARD. You are not expected to be an expert, but your site should be interesting, visually pleasing, and enjoyable. In addition, I would like to see that you have made your website with plenty of love and care. Good content counts more for me than the best design or the perfect HTML-code.

It will be an honor and joy to me to review your website for the MOON AWARD. In this way, I learn to know an interesting site that otherwise I probably never would have found.

Please read the criteria before applying. Be sure that your site is ready to be reviewed for a MOON AWARD, and that it is a truly valuable contribution to the Internet community.

The MOON AWARD is not given. Only if your site meets the criteria, it will be awarded a MOON AWARD. All those sites that have been awarded a MOON AWARD, are therefore a bit special.

The MOON AWARD Program is based on

butti.gif HONESTY butti.gif INTEGRITY butti.gif FAIRNESS butti.gif IMPARTIALITY butti.gif


The MOON AWARD Program
was etablished April 2, 2007

Notable Service AwardSites!

This award program has been rated
by Award Sites! for at least five years
providing notable service through
Bettering The Net by Striving for Excellence

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